Breeding, Sales, Training, Part-boarding, Lessons,
Boarding, Shows and Clinics

*HST to be added to all prices*

-Backing and starting youngsters.
                  -Ground work for weanlings to mature horses
                  -Retraining and resolving existing issues

Part Boarding is now being offered at our state of the art facility. See our facility here!!

We usually have a few horses available for part board! Who is partboard for? Someone who enjoys having a horse to care for, bond with and ride between riding lessons. It is a great way to learn about ownership and decide if you are happy part boarding or if you want to take it a step futher and purchase your own horse. The training center consists of an 80x200 indoor arena with dust-free footing and an attached 40x200 training barn. A full course of A quality jumps on site. We have a heated tack room, viewing room and washroom. It is a fabulous facility with great people. Check out the facility page for more info.
These horses are available for someone looking to ride on the flat, jump or with the option to show. We travel to several schooling shows in the winter and to schooling, trillium and A circuit in the summer. Novice, intermediate or advanced riders are welcome. Sorry at this time we do not have horses suitable for people brand new to riding.

Inquire to find out what current horses are available

Prices depend on training and type of horse so they can be priced below or above what is listed below. Average prices for part-board at our facility are:
1 ride/week or 4 rides per month =$140
2/week or 8 per month =$280
3/week or 12 per month = $420
Full board and exclusive rights to horse is $660/month.

**Plus lessons. A minimum of 1 lesson/ 4 rides is mandatory**

are available on our horses or yours. We offer group, semi private or private lessons

$65/person on our horse
$50/ person on your horse
Private lessons are 45 min, semi private are 60 min

Board Rates:
Every horse at Blazing Colours Farm is cared for at the highest of standards with our focus being on the overall physical and mental well being of each animal.

Riding horses      $660/month
*Access to ALL facilities.
*80x200 indoor with dust-free footing
*heated dust free tackroom with dehumidifier
*heated washroom and viewing lounge with microwave, fridge & hot/cold drinks
*12x12 matted stall with window and bedded on dust-free shavings. Automatic water
*barn never goes below 5 degrees in the winter
*excellent quality hay and grain provided
*regular turnout in group. Private turnout is limited and has an additional fee.

Broodmare/young horse board       $560/month
*same quality care as riding horses but no use of indoor riding complex.

Broodmare with foal       $660/month
*Turnout with other mares and foals.

Foaling YOUR Broodmare      $450
Read all about this service here!!
We are connected LIVE to mare stare! So when your mare gets close, you can watch her live from home, work or on the road. ANYWHERE you get internet access!

Breeding We stand several Warmblood and Thoroughbreds stallions. Whether you are breeding for hunter, jumper, dressage, eventing or a pleasure mount, we have something to suit your needs. See ALL our stallions by clicking here. Or contact us by email for the most current list

Sales. We have several horses available for sale. From inutero options, foals, yearlings, young unstarted 2-4yrs and onto horses going w/t/c and jumping a course. See all our sales horses by clicking here

Ship in Schooling We offer our indoor arena to outside riders for ship-in schooling over our course of jumps. Fences are A+ quality and we also have some solid eventing fences as well for options. During holidays the fences are decorated as well.
The cost for this is $45/horse. E-mail for more information or to book in a spot

Clinics. We offer clinics for people interested in learning how to handle young horses and foals. We also host some hunter, jumper and dressage clinics throughout the year.

E-mail us if you are intetested in seeing a particular clinician and we will see what we can do

The Blazing Colours Family...

April Wayenberg  

Owner, Rider and Manager of BCF

April is the owner and founder of Blazing Colours Farm.
A long time equine enthusiast, April started her involvement in horses at the age of 3 and it has been her passion ever since. She attended equine college for 4 years where she studied and graduated with two diplomas, one in reproduction and the other equine husbandry. After completing college, April established Blazing Colours Farm with the vision of breeding coloured Warmbloods to compete in the English disciplines. She wanted to compete in the hunters and jumpers but could not find a suitable stallion prospect in North America. So she looked to Europe where she found her first stallion, Mirabeau . Soon after she went to Virginia where she purchased Arts Aero. Then she incorporated coloured Thoroughbreds with the purchase of Sato. She is passionate about unique coloured sport horses and educating people about these horses and their abilities.

April, as a horsewoman, now has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the equine industry. She is a dedicated horsewoman and takes great pride in the day-to-day care of the horses. She is a hands-on owner who manages everything from the feed program to turnout to training to medical needs. She has a keen eye and notices changes in behavior, feed intake and way of going before they even become an issue. Her attention to detail and care she provides is second to none.

April as a breeder and young horse trainer:
has an incredible ability to understand horses and use their strengths to her benifit. She has years of experience with stallions, broodmares, young foals as well as starting/backing young horses. She uses ground work to develop an understanding of body language and respect. Building confidence, willingness and trust in horses is very important for a successful future, be it in the show ring or as a pleasure mount. Creating a relationship of mutual respect and understanding between horse and rider is cruvial in developing a lasting partnership.


Cathy Wayenberg  

General Manager

Cathy is an integral part of the BCF 'family' and lives on the farm. She is responsible for all the am and pm feeding/watering of the broodmares, foals and young horses. Cathy also helps out mucking stalls and turning in/out several times a week. She is also a regular at night feed/water. Cathy prides herself in well kept/professional looking grounds. During the spring, summer and fall she does a lot of the yard maintenence (grass cutting, weed wacking, flower beds/gardens and general cleaning). Cathy is also responsible for all the bookkeeping at BCF.

Rick Arnott  

Head of Maintenance

Rick is another integral part of the BCF 'family' and lives on the farm. He is the head of farm maintenence/repairs. Rick has a knack for fixing things such as fences, fence posts, lawnmower, feed buckets, tractor, ATV, moving fallen trees, water tubs and finding lost halters :) Rick also works with Cathy when feeding and watering all the broodmares, foals and young horses. He is responsible for keeping all machinery fueled and wheelbarrow maintenance. He is also a regular for night turn in and feeding. Rick does have an off site job but can be seen here for several hours on a daily basis.

Dr. James Crawford is the Blazing Colours Farm veterinarian

Kevin Sabila is the Blazing Colours Farm farrier.

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