About Us

Blazing Colours Farm is a sporthorse breeding and training facility. We specialize in producing quality horses of unique and rare colour.

Our Mission
"Breeding Quality Coloured Warmblood Sporthorses."

Our Vision
To breed and train sporthorses with colour and talent in one package. Never sacrificing quality to get colour but rather it being an added bonous. We produce horses with outstanding disposition, correct conformation, that are suitable for jumping, dressage and hunter classes because of their elastic and spacious movements as well as their great character and ridability. This is all in one package with their unique colour being an added bonous. We specialize in Palominos, Buckskins, Pintos and combinations of them. We do not limit ourselves to one breed but rather use the best of each to get a superior sporthorse.
We work with the horses and handle the foals daily so that when people purchase their unique coloured sporthorse, it will not just be another pretty face but rather a horse/foal that is well developed and ready to become a cherished companion of its new owner.

+ To train horses with Natural horsemanship that promotes the communication between the horse and rider. (Treating horses with dignity and respect)
+ Results in a horse that trusts people and can be handled by amateurs as well as professionals. (Willing and eager to please)
+ Visitors are always welcome to come see the stallions, mares and young stock.
+All visitors are treated with respect and we value their suport whether whether they are breeding 5 of their mares or just thinking of breeding to one of our stallions in the future.


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