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Our Foals

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Blazing Colours Farm stands behind ALL the horses we sell.
By purchasing a horse from us you become a part of our extended family!

Welcome to our Foas page. We are proud to be able to offer the finest collection of dilute Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds for sale in North America. You will find palomino, buckskin, perlino, cremello, sabino, dominate white and tobiano coloured horses here at Blazing Colours Farm. Our foals are raised with proper handling, love and plenty of group turn out. They are able run and play all day long so they can build strong muscles, bones and healthy lungs. We have 7 cameras in the barns and are able to monitor the mares prior to foaling so we can be there for the first breath of life. We want to assure they get the best start possible to give them the greatest chance at a healthy and prosperous life~ We, at Blazing Colours Farm, invite you to check out the rewards of all our hard work below... We want you to be able to purchase the foal/horse of your dreams, so if you have any questions or would like more photos please contact us~ Payment plans available

Custom Foal Sales Explained...

When purchasing a breeding this way you get to choose which of our stallions is bred to one of our mares for your very own custom dream foal. There is a live foal guarantee so if the mare loses the foal or something happens to the mare during pregnancy, we will repeat the breeding for you at no extra charge OR transfer payments already made towards another foal/horse we have for sale. Visit the mares page to pick out a mare to start your custom foal plans.
This is an attractive option for many clients because of the adjustable payment plans we offer that vary from 6-24 months. The average price for one of these foals is $9,500 and payments can be as low as $350/month.

Email us with questions you have about purchasing a youngster this way

Our Foals are our future!



All of the 2017 foals are available for purchase.

Scoll down to see which ones are still available.
Prices start at 9,500 with payment plans available

  For Sale- Inutero foal.

Full sibling pictured below- Pinto Warmblood filly.

  2017 inutero foal for sale. 2016 full sibling sold to Dubai.

Due to foal April 30 2017 
Mature 16.2h+
This is one cross worth repeating again, again and again!!  

Simba Twist is the sire to this filly.
Miramber (dam) pictured below

Simba Twist (sire) pictured below free jumping 4 feet

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  For Sale - Inutero foal

Inutero dilute warmblood foal & 50% chance of pinto


Full sibling pictured below

  Available for purchase inutero. Mature 16.1-16.2h

Due to foal April 29 2017
Her 2016 colt was perfectly put together with a stunning head! Well balanced with good rythm to canter and walk!
He is very athletic with powerful yet light movement.

We liked this colt so much we are breeding her back for a 2017 foal with Mirabeau!

Grand Finale (dam) pictured below

Mirabeau (sire) pictured below

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------------------------- ---------------------------
  For Sale - Inutero foal

80%+ chance of pinto & 100% dilute

Pictured below is of the full sibling from 2016 (Phantom of the Arts)

  2017 foal available for purchase inutero.

Due to foal May 9 2017.  
Mature 16.1+
Looking for a fancy hunter/jumper prospect? This one is for you! The temperament and willingness of both the sire and dam make this foal sure to be an ammy or pro mount. Add that to the movement, conformation and jump- you have a fabulous youngster in the making.
This foal has an 80%+ chance of being a pinto and a 100% chance of being a dilute.


Arts Aero is pictured below.
• White Safari is pictured to the right.


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  Inutero foal SOLD to Emily

Approved for breeding with Oldenburg (GOV) and RPSI  
Sired by Sato

Full sibling to the 2017 inutero foal pictured below

  This inutero foal has been sold. Congratulations to Emily on the purchase of this sure to be stunning 2017 foal.

Due June 17 2017, Mature 16-16.1h  

FULL sibling pictured here... WOW, what a very special producing mare this is! She produces great conformation with natural balance and rhythm. Her 2015 and 2016 foals were a power houses that will be a fabulous jumpers in the years to come.

Snow White (dam) pictured below

Arts Aero (sire) pictured below.

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--------------------------- ---------------------------
  For sale - 100% Dilute Warmboood foal inutero

Cremello Filly.

Full sibling to the 2017 inutero foal is pictured below

  -2016 foal sold to New York. -2015 foal sold to Dubai. -2014 foal sold to Ontario

Due June 2 2017  
Mature 16.1-16.3h
This is going to be an amazing foal! A TOP prospect in a cream coat.

This is Sunila's fourth foal :


Mirabeau (pictured below right) is the sire to this inutero foal.
•Sunila (pictured below left) is the dam to this foal

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  For Sale - Inutero foal

2015 Full sibling pictured below.


  2017 intuero foal available for purchase. Mature 16.2-17h

Due to foal May 3 2017  

Sure to be a stunning foal who is really going to turn heads in the show ring. A TOP hunter/jumper prospect. .

This foal has a FULL and half siblings :

2007 Buckskin pinto Warmblood filly, "Mircedes" by Mirabeau
2008 Palomino Warmblood filly, "Mirastretta" by Mirabeau
2009, Palomino Warmblood Colt "MirPrince" by Mirabeau
2011 Palomino Warmblood colt, "El Noble" by El Dorado
2012 Buckskin pinto Warmblood filly, "MirSaleen" by Mirabeau

Mirabeau (pictured below) is the sire to this filly.

Princess Vera is the dam. Pictured below...

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--------------------------- ---------------------------
  For Sale - Inutero foal

Half sibling from 2015 pictured below


Dam: Chantilly Lace pictured below

  Inutero dilute warmblood foal for sale inutero. Mature 16.2-17h

Due to foal May 10 2017

  Her last colt was a big well put together foal with powerful movement. Very sweet, curious and athletic. With how kind and sweet his dam is combined with the trainability of his sire; its no wonder this colt is the way he is! He has 3 lovely gaits with a powerful hindend that will no doubt make him a strong jumper in the years to come .

Sire: El Dorado pictured below

Chantilly's 2018 foal is sold inutero.

Email us with questions

  For sale - inutero 100% double dilute Warmblood foal

Half sibling pictured below  


  Inutero foal available for purchase.

Due to foal May 20 2017  
Mature 16.1-16.3h
White Beauty has been an amazing producer with all her foals earning gold premium status.
To see other foals by White Beauty email us or visit the mares page.

Below left- White Beauty (dam)       Right- Mirabeau (sire)

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  For Sale - Inutero foal

Dam pictured below- Mircedes


  Inutero dilute warmblood foal for sale inutero. Mature 16.2-17h

Due to foal May 10 2017

  A big well put together mare with powerful movement. Very sweet and athletic. This will be her first foal.

Sire: El Dorado pictured below

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