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Foaling out YOUR broodmare

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Blazing Colours Farm is offering broodmare board and foaling out services for 2014!
We are hooked into MareStare so the owners can watch LIVE from home and work (if work permits it ;))
Broodmare board in the lower barns is $525/month prior to foaling and $575 after foaling. Prior to foaling the mare is in a 12x12 and after foaling the mare is in a 12x16-12x20 (depending on size of mare)and gets 2x the amount of grain for lactation. The lower barns are where the broodmares are stabled and that is where the mare stare system is hooked up.

The foaling out price is $450/mare. That includes 24/7 monitoring, testing the milk daily with chemitrics to know when the mare is getting close to foaling (we can narrow it down to a 48 hour period!), calling mare owner as mare goes into labor, assisting the mare during delivery, live mare stare feed, tending to the foal after birth and treating the navel stump, helping the foal to stand and nurse and monitoring the foal until it has urinated and passed the meconium. The birth can also videotaped if that is something the owner wishes to have.

We will notify the owner when the mare is close and they are welcome to stay here to watch it live. Or we can call the owner as she goes into labor so they can make the trip out or watch on mare stare.

The owner is welcome to do all the initial handling or we can introduce the halter and leading the foal in the weeks following birth. The owner can be involved as much as they want or have us do it for them.

We do recommend the mare be brought to the farm about 1 month prior to foaling. And the mare stay here until the foal is about 3 weeks old. These are only recommendations... it is up to the owner what they wish to do. We can also handling rebreeding the mare; be it to one of our stallions or if you order in semen from an outside stallion.

We have been foaling out mares for 15+ years and have safely delivered over 150 foals to date. We take pride in the care we provide and you can rest assure that your mare is in PROFESSIONAL care! We also have several of our own mares who will be foaling here in 2014 and they too can be watched live on Mare Stare. We also have replay videos on mare stare from some of our deliveries in 2010-2013.

A deposit of $250 is required to reserve your mare a spot at Blazing Colours Farm.

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