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Mirabeau's Place of Birth,
Thank-you Gwen for producing such a rare and unique individual. And for doing all that you did to help me get him from Germany to North America. I am glad to have done business with you and look forward to meeting you in person someday.

Silverwood Farm

Atrs Aero's Place of Birth
Thank-you Liz for breeding this outstanding colt. Also, for caring for him until he was old enough to be weaned and brought to his new home in British Columbia, Canada. It was a pleasure meeting and doing business with you; look forward to seeing you again.

Classified Sites

Scothorse Everything Equestrian - Click Here

Horseweb UK; internet advertising (many breed related links)

Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue is located in Ontario, Canada. This Equine Rescue was started by Claire Malcolm and April Brown in 1997 to help save horses and ponies from slaughter, and take in any unwanted horse or pony and find them a new, loving home. HCW has placed 200+ equines into new families in the past 5 years.

Bay Area Equestrian Network

Equiworld Links

Mane Focus Photography

Irelands Leading Equestrian Web Site Horses and Equine Information.
Visit for information about horses, free horse classifieds, a directory of equine websites, and articles by equine industry experts.

Cool Sites

A product the glows in the dark. Can be used on some horse products, farm signs, horse trailers. It's a paint that will glow at night on metal, wood, plastics, glass ect. For night time riders this is could be a saftey product for you. The picture below was taken in total darkness. Click for more info.
This product can also be used on non-horsey products.
(Cars, boats, motor cycles bicycles etc..)

Scothorse Everything Equestrian - Click Here!


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