Cloud Ten. All white palomino sabino thoroughbred colt Cloud Ten (All white palomino sabino Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred colt) Blazing Colours Farms White Sabino Palomino Thoroughbred stallion Cloud Ten


Cloud Ten

A very rare all White Thoroughbred stallion with the base colour of Palomino.
He is a maximal palomino sabino so he can produce both dilute foals (palomino & buckskin)
and add some sabino markings too. You get two chances at producing foals with colour!!
Dual Registered Thoroughbred and APHA.
DOB; May 2005

Below photo as a two year old
Cloud Ten
2 Years Old

" Cloud Ten (aka:Cadence)

This stallion is great example of superior breeding in Canada! He is a stallion of considerable size, strength and power that possesses three extraordinary gaits, with a strong active hind quarter. He travels over the ground effortlessly with plenty of swing and impulsion. He uses himself particularly well at the walk with a nice over reach. He has a good sized foot with has average bone. By combining his superb power and athleticism, he gives mare owers the opportunity to produce a beautifully coloured foal that will also be a superior sport horse. Standing 16.0, at two, Cloud Ten has a strong/noble head, a good length of neck that ties in well to a deep shoulder. His overall balance is fabulous and he has considerable leg length and scope, a quality that he should impart to his foals.

He is out of Burlington Arcade (a 16.2h Chestnut Thoroughbred) This is an outstanding stallion with a lovely temperment, correct conformation and an over all appearance of ballance. Mature 16.2h+


His sire Sato;                 His dam; Burlington Arcade

Cloud Ten



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Cloud Ten pictured below with owner "April Wayenberg"

Barbara Livingston came to Blazing Colours Farm Feb. 2008
and photographed many of our horses.
Below are some she took of Cloud Ten.