Our Foals are our future!!!

The 2008 foals have all arrived.
The year of the fillies!! 7 fillies & 1 colt
See the rewards of all our hard
work below...




For Sale

" Foaled ;" April 12/08 ,   Due April 15

Palomino warmblood filly

This is a really pretty filly and is going to be a VERY tall Golden Girl.

The first palomino out of this mare and only the second palomino filly that Mirabeau has given us. She is very well put together with nice movement and is going to be one magnificent mare that I look forward to seeing mature. She is out of Princess Vera (a 16.2h Pinto Dutch Warmblood) who was imported from Holland and approved for breeding with the Dutch Warmblood (KWPN).

This filly's dam, Princess Vera, has impeccable bloodlines. Her sire is the legendary "Samber" who received a rare 10 for temperament and trainability in Holland. Samber competed very successfully through Grand Prix Dressage and at the Z levels jumpers. Samber has been in the top 15 for producing dressage horses in Holland (out of over 400 stallions) and in the top 100 for producing jumpers. Zorba, is a ster, preferent, prestantie mare which are some of the highest ratings a Dutch mare can have. Her grand sire, Koopman, was born in 1969 and is 1/2 Gelderlander. He was by the great Miller's Grey xx and out of a full Sgldt dam, Gondina ster (Gondina ster - Worsina - Jorsina Kroon Kern Pref). Koopman was 3rd out of 17 in his stallion test in 1972. His scores were: Dressage - 8.86 / Freejumping - 9.5 / Show jumping - 9 / Character - 9 / General impression - 8.5. He was given a 'A' rating.

Mature to 16.2h+  

**Will attend RPSI inspection in summer**

To see photos of this foals full sibling (Mircedes) and a full pedigree click here...

For Sale $9,500

Sire Mirabeau;                      Dam; Princess Vera

White Safari  

One day old below

" Foaled April 5/08"   Due April 27 07  

WOWZA!!! This filly is a loud sabino cremello and marked much like her sire, Sato. She is the only Thoroughbred marked like this, with the cremello base colour, in the world!!! This lady is the dams second foal for us and again this mare has out done herself. Her first foal (Snow White) is an all white cremello and can be seen through the link below.

She is out of White Gold a 16h Cremello Thoroughbred mare; one of only 5 in the WORLD and 4 of them reside at our farm!
This foals dam is a real gem. Her temperament, conformation and movement earned her main mare book status with Oldenburg (GOV). This foal is going to draw all the right kind of attention.

Click here to see many photos of this foals full sibling (Snow White) and a full pedigree

   Sire; Sato                                  Dam; White Gold

Barn Name; Simba  

More photos soon
Being kept as a Stallion Prospect

Thoroughbred & APHA buckskin sabino

" Foaled April 30/08;" Due April 28/08,

**A Gorgeous Buckskin Sabino Colt!**

Dual registered with the Jockey Club and APHA.

This is Erotic Twists second foal for us. His dam has a fantastic sporthorse pedigree unparalled by most Thoroughbred mares. Her dam's sire (New Twist)was a superior open jumper and his sire (Bonne Nuit) represented the USET internationally. Bonne Nuit sired many great jumpers one being Hazelwood who was on 6 winning USET & Nations cup teams. New Twist sired Good Twist who was and is one of the greatest open jumpers of all time. This foal is destined to have a spectacular career as a sporthorse.

Click here to see photos and a full pedigree of this foals full sibling (Mocha Twist) who sold prior to weaning

Mature 16.1-16.2h+

   Sire Sato;                                 Dam; Erotic Twist

Sadly this filly was hospitalized as she becaome quite sick at about 12 hours old. She passed at the hospital.
RIP little one :(

" Foaled April 17 /08  Due April 30/08 

Dual registered with the Jockey Club and APHA.

It will be out of Adorable(a 16h Chestnut Sabino Thoroughbred)

This is Adorable's second foal for us and what a perfect filly she is. A Very friendly lady with 4 high white stockings and a big blaze. Will post photos of her soon... This mares first foal for us was a stunning maximal sabino Thoroughbred colt. He was registered with the Jockey Club as WHITE. We were expecting some colour but were truely gifted with that amazing and extremely rare colt. He was sold to Carolina as a stallion prospect. We are just as happy with her second foal for us... and excited that it is a filly!!! The dam won the race we claimed her out of by 5 lengths and retired a winner!!! She is a true athlete being blessed with a heart to want to win giving her that competitive edge which her son will carry over into the Hunter/Jumper ring.

Click here to see photos of this foals full sibling (Sand Castle) who was sold as a stallion prospect to South Carolina

Mature 16-16.1h

   Sire Sato;                                 Dam; Adorable


" Foaled April 24/08;" Due May 1/08,

Perlino Thoroughbred filly. What a sweet girl and so beautiful.   The dam is Platinum (a 16.1h Perlino Thoroughbred; one of only two perlino Thoroughbreds in the WORLD!) A truly unique mare who promises to produce us some wonderful foals and this foal will be her second. This foal will be dual registered with the Jockey Club (Thoroughbred) and the APHA (American Paint Horse Association) This foal's dam Platinum is also approved for breeding with Oldenburg (GOV) and has been entered into the main mare book which proves she is of very nice type and quality capable of producing sporthorse Thoroughrbed.

Mature to 16.1+h
For photos of this foal's full sibling (Titanium Teddy)and a full pedigree click here.


Sire Sato;                                   Dam, Platinum


aka: Amber
For sale

" Foaled May 2/08;"  was Due May 2

A lovely Buckskin Warmblood filly

A lovely grand daughter to our late stallion, Inferno. She is such a sweet filly and only if she had any idea how special she is to us.

Out of Oilily VDL (a 16.3h Bay Dutch Warmblood) who was imported from Holland and approved for breeding with the Dutch Warmblood (KWPN). This is our first foal from her. A very kind and gentle mare who reminds me so much of Inferno. The same kind eye and a close resemblance to his head and neck. I can see so much of her sire in her. Her outstanding bloodlines and excellent modern conformation earned her one of four breedings to Roemer offered for the first time to the public in over ten years. She unfortunately never carried that foal to term. We are very particular about the mares we acquire and this one has it all. We are really excited about this granddaughter of Infernos!!!

Mature to 16.2h+  

**Will attend RPSI inspection in summer**

Click her to go to her own page

We are considering keeping this very special filly.
If you are interested in purchasing her please inquire

Sire Mirabeau;                      Dam; Oilily VDL

Buckskin Thoroughbred Filly
For Sale

" Foaled April 25/08;"; Due May 8/08 

Dual registered with the Jockey Club and APHA.

She is out of Maika My Dinner(a 16h Black Thoroughbred)
A lovely buckskin filly with four socks, a star and snip. A very sweet filly that adores attention. She is a classic hunter mover and would be a fabulous line prospect and future hunter mount.

Her dam was awarded premium status at her Canadian Warmblood Inspection scoring above a few imported warmblood mares. A great accomplishment. This foals full sibling is Satira is a super fancy mover with a very powerful hind quarters giving her great implusion and nice extension. She is very cute with powerful movement, lovely conformation and is very friendly.
Mature 16-16.1h

Click here to see photos of this foals full sibling (Satira).

Sold. Congratulations to the Bracken family on the purchase of this outstanding young filly. We wish Leah many wonderful years with Savannah.

   Sire Sato;                                 Dam;Maika My Dinner



" Foaled May 16/08;" Due May 21/08 
A stunning palomino filly with four stockings and a blaze. Finally this mare gave us a filly. She is out of Bobbyascot Bobby(a 16.1h Chestnut Thoroughbred)

Dual registered with Jockey Club and APHA

This is Bobbys 3rd foal for us. She is an amazing producer. See more about her on the mares page.

Click here to see photos of this foals full sibling (Satin Ascot) who sold prior to weaning.


   Sire Sato;                                        Dam; Bobbyascot Bobby


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