Updates of the New Riding Complex being built at
Blazing Colours Farm.

We are proud to be able to offer the following 7 stallions for the 2009 breeding season

June 20/09 and OPEN HOUSE DAY
And we are at 99% complete!!!
Enjoy the photo tour...

Miragold relaxing in her new stall...

Miramyst enjoying her new home

The hall from the barn to the 80x204 indoor riding arena

The other side of the hall going into the indoor arena with our Blazing Colours Farm stall curtains

The 80x204 indoor riding arena.

Two indoor wash stalls with hot/cold water. To the left is a tacking up stall.

The viewing room with fridge, microwave, flat screen TV, stools and water cooler.
Also heated for the cold winter months!

April 27-May 3/ 09
And the progress continue... A few days late the custom stalls arrive from System and the solid metal posts are put on the floor.
Concrete is almost complete

And the next day they go up...

On the doors go and we paint on varathane to protect the wood.

And the guys who have been putting in the long hours getting all this done for me.
The crew from Broadbent Building and my Electrician Tod Harrington.
Yeah, they do get lunch breaks :)

April 16 / 09
There has been a lot of progress!!! Next week the conrete is let to set and the stalls go in on the April 27th!!!

Concrete is almost complete

Easetroughs are all up and connected to tiles

Plumbing is all roughed in and electricty has been hooked up!!!

We have a driveway around the whole riding complex and much of the extra dirt has been leveled

March 13 / 09

Looking down center of stall barn as the T&G ash back boards go up.

Right side of barn which is where the back of the stalls is going to be.

Back side of the viewing room wall and soon to be interior wall of the tack room.

12x16 viewing room as the interior walls go up and the electrical work is roughed in.


Front of barn

Left side of barn.

March 9 / 09

Interior of stall barn as roxul insulation goes up in the walls. To read about Roxul insulation (fire resistant!) go here. http://www.roxul.com/sw10395.asp
T&G ash hardwood in middle of barn ready for back walls

Inside viewing room with fire safe insulation being installed

Insulation that was blown into attick of stall barn and viewing room.

From stall barn looking into hallway to 80x204 riding arena

In hallway looking into the arena

T&G ash hard wood being stored in arena until the concrete floor is complete and stalls go in.

February 29 / 09

Interior ceiling and vapor barrier being installed.

February 20 / 09

Hydro pole going in. Yay!!! Electricity

Kickboards doors in front of the garage door

Kickboard doors from the arena to the stall barn.


Inside the arena as the 5 ft tongue and groove ash kick boards go up.
There will be hinged T&G ash doors in front of all exit doors to the arena

You can see the custom made over head venting track doors. Made by "Garage Door Works"

The back side of the arena where we have an electric overhead door

Looking to the viewing room from the arena. The glass we used here
is the same as the glass they use in race car windows.
Scratch and shatter proof!

Dave of Broadbent Building standing beside the main doors
to the stall barn.
Custom sized double dutch doors are at each end of the stall barn.
There is one standard double dutch door in the middle of the stall barn

December 14/08

The new riding complex is well over half done now. The shell of the 40x204 barn and 80 x 204 arena are done!!! The tile drainage is complete. The footing in the indoor riding arena is being worked on now. The concrete for the barn is the next project. The custom stalls have been ordered and the custom dutch doors are also on order.

The outside of the arena



Inside the barn

The annex and viewing room from the barn to the arena

The footing being taken into the arena

The drainage and tiles being put in and around the arena and barn


November 16/08
Arena shell and inside arena.

Pond that was dug as fill for the arena.
Second photo is the view from the stallion paddocks

Late October/08
The roof was built on the ground beside the arena and lifted up by a very large crane.