White Beauty
Free jumping

At Oldenburg inspection where she earned 8 eights!!

" White Beauty" March 6th 2006, Cremello Jockey Club Registered Thoroughbred mare 
she is out of Golden Belle (a buckskin Thoroughbred) and by Kings Ransom (a palomino Thoroughbred) When she was born there were only 2 other cremello thoroughbred fillies in the world!! She is the first ever foaled in Canada~!~
Beauty is simply stunning and one can not just walk past without taking a second look. One of the cutest foals ever foaled at Blazing Colours Farm.

White Beauty has been approved for breeding with Oldenburg (GOV). She earned an amazing score with eight 8's!! and has been entered into the main mare book.
She has also been approved by RPSI, where again she was given amazing scores that earned her "PREMIUM" mare status!!!

White Beauty's 2012 and 2013 foals have been sold in-utero. Contact us if you are interested in having one of her 2014 and beyond foals.

We are offering custom foals from her where you can chose the stallion we breed her to.



Her sire Kings Ransom;            Her dam Golden Belle

White Beauty

Kings Ransom

Milkies Desire

Deer Lodge
Tootsie T 
Desirable Lady
Petite Couer
Sister Georgette

Our Michael
Our Tribe
Don't Tell George
Miles Standish
Millies Babe
Golden Belle

 Glitter Please

Jack Sprat

Prince John
Sweet Folly
Lucky Two Bits

Lucky Pamela
Belle De Feu
Spend a Buck

Belle De Jour

So Fire So Good
Lite A Fire

Pictures below taken in 2011
Oldenburg Inspection below



RPSI Inspection below


AND FOR FUN... Some pictures of her as a young foal below... Enjoy!

New born

12 hours old

2 Days old below





1 Month Old Below


2 Months Old Below